Ferrandina Foods

After several years in the food service industry, I began Ferrandina Foods Inc. in 2011. I had humble beginnings buying from high quality importers and manufacturers in Ontario and Quebec and distributing their products in the Toronto market.

I then began to encounter a saturation of the same products in the marketplace, and I so desperately wanted to set myself apart from these other products already in existence. As my sales grew, I began to having several supply chain issues from these importers and needed a reliable stream of inventory.


Discover the best

Initially I began importing a handful of thaw and serve desserts and ``freezer-to-oven`` viennoiserie from Ital and France. Now I offer a wider range of products including breads and savoury items. I strive to find products of the highest quality introducing very unique frozen items to the market.

With these strong standards of quality in place, I stand behind the quality of my finished goods and am confident that you will find my products in the most discerning kitchens. Most suitable for restaurants, caterers, bakeries, supermarkets and event centres.